Invited Talks

Emergent Research Series, Ann Arbor, MI.

Computational Analysis of Marginalized Cultural Production. .

Topic Modeling in the Humanities, College Park, MD.

Paper Machines: A Tool for Analyzing Large-Scale Digital Corpora (with Jo Guldi). .

Conference Participation

Association of Moving Image Archivists, Portland, OR.

AMIA + DLF Cross-Pollinator (travel award for Hack Day). .

Global Digital Humanities, Sydney, Australia.

Susurrant: A Tool for Algorithmic Listening in Networked Soundscapes. .

Inertia: A Conference on Sound, Media, Digital Humanities, Los Angeles, CA.

Algorithmic Listening in a Networked Soundscape. .

European Conference on Educational Research, Porto, Portugal.

Exploring International Discourses about Effective Schools, Successful Schools, and School Leadership: A Topic Modeling Approach. .

Theorizing The Web, New York, NY.

Algorithmic Regulation of Queer of Color Cultural Production. .

International Association for the Study of Popular Music -- US Branch, Chapel Hill, NC.

Queer of Color Engagement with Participatory Media. .

Topic Modeling Workshop, Stateline, NV.

Temporal and Regional Variation in Rap Lyrics (with Matthew Johnson-Roberson). .

Society for Ethnomusicology, Indianapolis, IN.

Digital Ethnomusicology: The Affordances, Limitations, and Sociopolitical Implications of Digital Methodology (roundtable). .

Speaking in Code, Charlottesville, VA.

An NEH-funded symposium for "30 accomplished digital humanities software developers". .

Black Queer Sexuality Studies Graduate Conference, Princeton, NJ.

Black Queer Tumblr as a Space of Contact. .

The Non-State of Queer Theory Graduate Conference, Providence, RI.

Future Banjee: Emerging Aesthetics of Queer Black Masculinity. .

Comparative Literature Graduate Conference, Berkeley, CA.

Hypertextual Signifyin(g) on Rap Genius. .

Graduate Music Forum, Cambridge, MA.

"Living My Life in the Margins": Hip-Hop and Digital Marginalia. .